A T T E N D   T H E   M E E T I N G   A P P

Making the conference convenient.


Attend the Meeting App - From Universal Technology Corporation

Attend the Meeting is a new, free mobile application that also incorporates the SecureLead™ application. Attend the Meeting will include information such as the Conference program, agendas, exhibit hall information, and the Conference rooms map in a mobile format. Contained within the Attend the Meeting application is SecureLead™, which has been designed for users to scan QR Codes and capture participant contact data from Conference badges. Attend the Meeting is now available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android devices.

A Specific Dropdown Link (within the app) for the PS&S Conference will be made available within a week of the actual conference. Please use the Attend the Meeting App at any UTC Conference (click here for a complete list)



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